Introducing – The Skyclad Fashionista @ WordPress!

Hey all! Welcome to the brand new, and hopefully improved, Skyclad Fashionista @ WordPress! I previously had a blog that was hosted on the Blogger site, but I’ve decided to migrate all of my content from there to here, for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

This post is a “Sticky” and will remain at the top of my new blog for as long as we both shall live (lol), partially to welcome you wonderful readers, and partially to show off the stats of my old blog, as they currently stand. It was a great 2 years, but sometimes change is good.

Not quite a blogger goddess, but I’ll get there.

♥All of my love, The (One and Only) Skyclad Fashionista.

Happy birthday, wordpress blog, let’s do this thing.


Tie me up, tie me down…

November marks the final round of the quarterly kinky subscription box “The Bound Box”. While the ending is unfortunate, they’re definitely going out with a bang. Even though pre-order is over, you can get a copy of the box [HERE]! I’ve picked out a few of my favourite items to show off, but there’s plenty more to see!
{Note: The chairs, sofas, spotlights, and St. Andrew’s cross are not included with the “Club Bound” Build. Details in credits below}

{Note: The club is fully moddable, and has a colour change HUD to change the accents, although they are also manually tintable! Parts can be unlinked, moved, etc to customize to your needs!}

Skin: Stix – Pia – Cream – EVENT ITEM – For The Makeover Room – November 2018
Lippie: Pink Fuel
Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Leaves are Falling makeup set – EVENT ITEM – LAQ Powder Pack November 2018
Brows: Euphoric – Jamie Brows – EVENT ITEM – LAQ Powder Pack November 2018
Hair: TRUTH – Ciara – VIP GROUP GIFT November 2018
Head: LAQ – Scarlet
Eyes:Ikon – Charm Eyes – Starfall
Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears
Collar: Cae – Bound – Collar 
Outfit: Salt & Pepper Anais Lingerie – EVENT ITEM – Bound Box November 2018
Harness: Luas – Azahar Harness – EVENT ITEM – Bound Box November 2018
Stockings: Salt & Pepper – stockings Elle (previous bound box item)
Shoes: EMPIRE – Amethyst
Ploom – Shadow
Ploom – Sin
exposeur – Sex Kitten
Club: HILTED – Club Bound – EVENT ITEM – Bound Box November 2018
St. Andrew’s Cross: Short Leash – Sweet Sadism Cross – BB Edition – EVENT ITEM – Bound Box November 2018
Chairs: [Consignment] Snug Chair – A – black
Sofa: [Consignment] Snug Sofa – A – black

Horror and chill?

Hey guys! It’s FINALLY October, and that means all of the Halloween and spoopy events have started! Despite being a little scaredy cat, I love this time of year. Gacha Guild has opens today and there’s a whole ton of awesome goodies to play for! The whole event is gachas, but certain designers have a gift out as well! Kitten Spunk‘s “Horror sleepover” gacha is too cute not to play, even if you’re a little scaredy like me! The pieces are trans (so you can trade, or coordinate at your sleepover!) and the clothing comes in sizes for Maitreya, Kemono, Belleza Freya, and Slink Hourglass. Also in the set is a cool TV, some pillows, and even a hair to complete your look! Gacha key below!


 Horror and chill?_001//

Horror and chill?_002//

Horror and chill?_003//


Skin: Stix – Ziva – Stardust ♥
Head: LAQ – Scarlet Bento
Eyes: CURELESS – Collyrium Eyes – LILAC
Makeup: Alaskametro – Black Magic Palette – EVENT ITEMSalem 2018
Hair: Kitten Spunk – Horror Sleepover – Rhea – EVENT ITEM – Gacha Guild Hallows 2018 ♥
Collar: Squishy Fluff – Pet collar – Webs
Top: Kitten Spunk – Horror Sleepover – Scared Top – EVENT ITEM – Gacha Guild Hallows 2018 ♥
Shorts: Kitten Spunk – Horror Sleepover – Shorts – EVENT ITEM – Gacha Guild Hallows 2018 ♥


 Serendipity – Lillian


llorisen – wilby pied-a-terre skybox v2 


brocante – modern loveseat – coffee
brocante – modern chair – coffee
what next – Camber Coffee Table + decor
what next – House Plant – Agave
Sway’s – Facette Table
BoWillow Drama Llama Rug ♥
The Art Barn – Winter Crow Canvas Frame
Fancy Decor – Luxe Console (black)
Kitten Spunk: – Horror Sleepover – Pillow Grey – EVENT ITEM – Gacha Guild Hallows 2018 ♥
Kitten Spunk – Horror Sleepover – Cuddle Orange RARE – EVENT ITEM – Gacha Guild Hallows 2018 ♥
Kitten Spunk – Horror Sleepover – Mitten the Kitten Pillow – EVENT ITEM – Gacha Guild Hallows 2018 ♥
Kitten Spunk – Horror Sleepover – TV – EVENT ITEM – EVENT ITEM – Gacha Guild Hallows 2018 ♥

Group Gifts Galore!

Hey all! Just popping in quick to show off a few gifties I found! The first is a Group Gift hair from Truth, an extra prezzie in celebration of reaching 40K members in the VIP group! The hair comes in the full fatpack of colours, and comes with a style HUD to change the fringe, front bits, and more. I’m wearing a creamy unltra-pale blonde shade, but there’s more colours in the pack than you can shake a stick at! Next is a really pretty tank top from Blueberry! This top is out currently at Les Fest, and is free for everyone to pick up. It comes in “full wet”, “half wet’ and “dry” variants, although, their “wet clothing” just looks partially worn to me, instead of actually looking wet, but that’s just me. Each variant of the top has a bra underneath that has a toggle on/off, and a huge colour HUD! Finally, I already mentioned the new Stix group gift in my last post, but I cannot get over how gorgeous it is! It’s nestled among all of Stix‘ other group gifts from the past few years, which are all absolutely lovely.

Group Gifts Galore_001//

Group Gifts Galore_002//


Skin: Stix – Kamala – GROUP GIFT!
Hair: Truth – Reyane – GROUP GIFT!
Head: LAQ – Scarlet Bento
Eyes: Cureless – Collyrium Eyes / FATPACK (v.1)
Lashes: Izzie’s – LAQ Lashes – Tintable
Top: Blueberry – Les Fest – Gift – FREE FOR ALL GIFT! @ Les Fest
Shorts: Blueberry – Lana – Rolled Shorts & Bikini – Fat Pack
Collar: Cae – Bound colar

Location: Fluff-N-Squish

Poses: Ploom – Bones / Serendipity – Lillian

Sweet, sweet, Saturday Sale!

Hey guys, me again! It’s been a bit! I’ve mainly been focusing on my shops lately, one was forced to move, the other just needed some updates and stuff, but enough about all of that. I’ve got a super cute set of Saturday Sale finds for you today! If you’d like to see everything on offer this week, check out SL Syndicate’s gallery! I’ve picked up a few fun things, but there’s plenty more to see! Also, my skin for today’s post is F-R-E-E! YUP. FREE! Stix has out a ton of gorgeous group gifts, and I’m actually wearing a combo of 2 of them. Stix’ newest skintone is called Stardust and I am absolutely over the moon obsessed with it! If you grab both Ziva and Kamala from the group gifts area, you’ll not only have body appliers for the new tone, but system skins, and 2 different head appliers! Kamala is actually a fatpack of head appliers, but I’m wearing the new Stardust tone.

Sweet, sweet, Saturday Sale!_001//

Sweet, sweet, Saturday Sale!_002//

Sweet, sweet, Saturday Sale!_00//
As a bonus, this top IS NOT from the Saturday sale, HOWEVER, right now it’s just $L50, and I could NOT go home without it! It comes in all of the mesh body sizes, and has a HUD to change the background colour. I’m someone who wears leggings as pants IRL pretty much every day, and I get a lot of whispers and side eye, and a lot of “leggings aren’t pants.” Usually I just flip people off and/or continue on my way, but this top perfectly sums up how I feel! It is ridiculously hard to find jeans that fit my hourglass shape, and legging do just that. Leggings ARE pants. Fight me!


Skin: Stix – Kamala – Stardust – GROUP GIFT!
Head: LAQ – Scarlet (bento)
Eyes: Cureless – Dramatic! Showa Eyes
Hair: Besom – Foam – Blondes – SATURDAY SALE! $L75 PER COLOUR PACK!
Glasses: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – {Chobii~ pink} glasses – RARE
Collar: Cae – Bound Collar
Top #1: e.marie – Fall Tee – Cold – SATURDAY SALE! $L50 – with HUD!
Top #2: e.marie – Leggings Sweatshirt – SPECIAL SALE ITEM $L50!
Leggings: Blueberry – Poppy Leggings 
Shoes: Reign – Arianna Sneakers – Valentines Edition – GROUP GIFT!

Poses: Extra – Be The Leaf (i did not use the leaves) / Oh hi! – SATURDAY SALE! – $L75/60

Location: Missing Melody


Hey guys! It’s finally the weekend, yay! Even though I’m self-employed, which means I don’t get weekends off, I decided to relax a little bit and shop the Saturday Sale! I ended up buying a whole bunch of items, but here’s just a sample of all of the awesome things you can find. For the whole list, with pictures, check [HERE!]. My theme this week is GLITTER! If you know me, you know I’m a glitter girl. If it’s got glitter in it/on it/around it, i want it! My look started with the Besom hair, and spiraled into glitter land from there!


Skin: Mudskin – Babydoll #6 – 102
Hair: Besom – Sum. Luv Glitter Roots – Essentials – SATURDAY SALE!
Head: LAQ – Bento head – Bree
Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 – “Soiree” eyeshadow
Lippie: alaskametro<3 – “Fey” lipgloss
Body: Slink – Physique Hourglass Mesh Body
Nails: e.marie – Millionaire Material – Oval – SATURDAY SALE!
Glitter: alaskametro<3 “Aura” cheek glitter & body glitter – Event items! @ Cosmetics Fair 2018
Eyes: A.D.D.Andel – Spectre Eyes – Blue
Outfit: [QE] – Eloen Nightie – Blush – SATURDAY SALE!
Tent: Trompe Loeil – Waverly Beach Tent + Props Blue {A} V1.1
Foxcity – Spotlight
Location: Fluff-N-Squish ~Note: This sim is open to the public, but it is currently under construction at the 2,000 meter level, and the owners (my partner, and myself) are always adding/changing things, however, the ground level is a gorgeous tropical beach paradise. There’s lots of things to pose on, and hidden pretty spots all over the sim! A lush forest is planned for the 2000 meter level, keep an eye out for it!~

Fifty Linden Friday the Thirteenth!

Hey guys! Today is extra super special to me. Not only is it Friday the 13th (which is usually a good day for me for some reason) it’s also FLF, AND, the most important, it’s my anniversary! Boyfriend isn’t home from work yet, so I grabbed a few things from the FLF list this week that I couldn’t resist showing you guys!
lookit dem kitties! ….The bodysuit! What did you think I meant?

Skin: Mudskin – Chi Hi Ro – #6 – event item! for Kustom9 July 2018
Hair: Truth – Scout – Jewel pack
Head: LAQ – Scarlet
Eyes: The Sugar Garden – Neko Luvers – Amethyst – previous group gift (still available)
Body: Slink – Hourglass
Makeup: Alaskametro – Sugar Palette
Nails: Alaskametro – Astral
Tattoo: White Widow – Whiplash
Bodysuit: Cosmic Dust – Gabrielle Bodysuit – FATPACK – $L50 – FLF ITEM!
Shoes: Phedora – Alexandra heels – FATPACK – $L50 – FLF ITEM!
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer -Misha Dark Fairy Choker and Tiara
Foxcity – Spotlight #1
Axix Venus #4
oOo Studio – Curvaceous #1 & 3

Bake me on, baby!

Hey guys! I noticed that Izzie’s has chosen to include BakeOn mesh layers with her new Summer blush set, which is incredibly exciting to me because I feel like BakeOn mesh is absolutely incredible and will totally change our Second Lives. BakeOn mesh, in a nutshell, allows us to use our system layers…on our mesh parts. No, I did not make a typo. You read that correctly. In my photos, I am wearing all system layer items on my Maitreya body, and my LAQ mesh head. BakeOn also allows up to 64 layers of stuff to be worn at the same time…with no/minimal issues. Like tattoos? wear 30 of them! (or don’t, because that would look silly). I rushed over to the official SL viewer wiki page to snag a download and check it out (and by rushed, I mean it took all day because my internet was down), I also got the FREE bake on mesh kit from the Omega inworld shop, and then I settled down in a spot on my home sim (since the project is still in beta, you look like a hot mess to anyone else on the grid right now!) and tried on my old system skins and makeup, and just for fun, I pulled out some gorgeous system layer lingerie too!

~*NOTE: I have not photoshopped these photos in any way, other than adding my signature at the bottom!*~ 

Bake me on, baby!_003//
I chose several of my system skins that fit best on my LAQ Bree head, but honestly, it was tough to narrow it down, because so many I had fit absolutely beautifully. When I was taking photos, I thought I had chosen some variety in my tones…guess I was kinda wrong!
.the sugar garden. Luna in Vampy
[Pink Fuel] Elly – Pure/Angelic
Essences – Sash 01 ~ light rose ~
-Glam Affair – Neva skin – Europa 05
*~Note: I do not know if any of these skins are still available, so I have not added all of the links~*

 Bake me on, baby!_002//
 Makeup layers absolutely perfectly. I didn’t get any flickering, or conflicting layers, nothing knocked out another layer, etc! One thing to remember is that you do have to LAYER things, in the order you want them. for example: wear blush, then shadow so the shadow sits on top of the blush layer. Same thing with clothing and tattoos. Wear your tattoos and then the clothing!
[Pink Fuel] Elly – Pure
 ~ [Pink Fuel] Elly Juicy Gloss (Petal)
~ [Pink Fuel] Shimmer Eyeshadow – Pearl White (monolid)
 ~ [Pink Fuel]  Harley – Button Nose
~ Izzie’s – Catwa/LAQ – Summer Blush apricot

Bake me on, baby!_001//
 Long-time fans of my blog will recognize that tattoo! I used to wear it absolutely constantly…back before mesh bodies, that is. I cannot even explain how excited I am to be able to wear my system layers again!

Skin: [Pink Fuel] Elly – Pure/nolash (rdbrow)
 ~ [Pink Fuel]  INK LipGloss
 ~ :::Sn@tch Apnea Tattoo:::
~ Izzie’s – Body Summer Blush
~ Izzie’s – Catwa/LAQ – Summer Blush apricot
~ ~Blacklace~Incredible – Teal

Style Card (Everything Else)
Hair: Doe – Gin – Indecisive
Head: LAQ – Bree
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Apex
Chains: Vanilla Bae – Scarlet Chains

~*Holy shit this post is long. oops.*~