Introducing – The Skyclad Fashionista @ Wordpress!

Hey all! Welcome to the brand new, and hopefully improved, Skyclad Fashionista @ WordPress! I previously had a blog that was hosted on the Blogger site, but I’ve decided to migrate all of my content from there to here, for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

This post is a “Sticky” and will remain at the top of my new blog for as long as we both shall live (lol), partially to welcome you wonderful readers, and partially to show off the stats of my old blog, as they currently stand. It was a great 2 years, but sometimes change is good.

Not quite a blogger goddess, but I’ll get there.

♥All of my love, The (One and Only) Skyclad Fashionista.

Happy birthday, wordpress blog, let’s do this thing.


Essenz for 21Shoe has got you covered for summer!

My favourite day of the month, the 21st, is coming up soon, and in the spirit of the warmer weather that’s been slowly creeping its way in, Essenz‘s items for 21Shoe are 2 pairs of sandals!

Essenz‘s Tenerife sandals are made for the Slink FLAT feet, as well as Maitreya (which I’m wearing above), and come with a convenient little HUD to change the metal between gold and silver, and the insole/sole of the shoe between black and natural. On the right I’m wearing the Peach version of these sandals, with the natural bottom, and gold metal option, and on the left, I’m wearing purple, with the black bottom, and silver metal!

If you look closely, you’ll notice that I’m wearing AlaskaMetro nail polish on my Maitreya feet and hands! AlaskaMetro recently updated their nail sets to include applier HUDs for not only Slink, but also Maitreya, Omega, and the Eve body… and the best part? Her prices are just as low as ever. The pack I’m wearing is only $L25!

I’ve paired these with a fun sundress, and a pretty dangly necklace, that I bought at this round of The Dressing Room! My dress is available from Third Eye for just $L70 right now at TDR, and my necklace from Glow Studio is the same price

aaaaaaand finally, I’ve topped off my outfit with a new “cheapie” skin from Lumae, and a brand new hair from Doe (formerly Ploom) that’s out at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (I’ll talk about this a little more in an upcoming post)! The Adore skin from Lumae, with the cute “Tulips” makeup is currently available for just $L75 per tone right now. This skin includes ALL of the options that Lumae‘s normal skins come with, AND all head AND body appliers as well! (That’s a LOT of stuff!)

Style Card:

Skin: Lumae – Adore – 2 – Satin // Tulips – On sale for $L75 till the 23rd! ❤

Hair: Doe – Meeka / Streaks – Gingers – Event item! for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Nails: Alaskametro – metallic pack nail polish – Classics/Gold ❤

Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh body

Dress: Third Eye. – Pool Party Dress – Blue – Event item! For The Dressing Room!

Necklace: Glow Studio – My precious pearl – Gold – Event item! For The Dressing Room!

Shoes: Essenz – Tenerife – Peach/Purple – Event item! For 21Shoe! WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE ON THE 21ST OF THE MONTH! ❤

I’m no angel…

Okay so, Super super quickie post, mainly because I’ve had “bloggers block” the last few days and frankly am at a loss for words… but here are some lovely pics, and item descriptions, and stuff!

I'm no angel..._002

Don’t let the wings fool you, I am certainly no angel. The Dark Fae eyes that I’m wearing above in purple are one of the offerings from Songbird at this month’s horror haute, and probably tipped you off to that. If those beauties didn’t do it, then the Kii horns (in Pinku) from Cubic cherry Kre-ations hopefully clued you in. I love how subtle and small these horns are, and since they’re at the Fantasy Faire, proceeds go to a great cause!

I'm no angel..._001

Speaking of Fantasy Faire, the absolutely gorgeous violet-toned skin I have on is one of 4 skins from Lumae for the event! Each skin set comes with all of the usual options, shapes, appliers, AND 3 pairs of elf (Leevi) ears! I’m wearing the long ones in the photos above, but you can’t see much of them. That’s about all for me for the moment, other than my…

Style Card:

Skin: Lumae – Adore – Epona – Oracle – Event item! For the Fantasy Faire! ❤
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh body
Hair: Red Mint – Hair no. 14’13 – Silver
Ears: Lumae – Leevi ears – Epona (included with skin) – Event item! For the Fantasy Faire! ❤
Eyes: Songbird – Dark Fae eyes – Purple – Event item! For Horror Haute! ❤
Horns: Cubic cherry Kre-ations – Kii horns – Pinku – Event item! For the Fantasy Faire! ❤
Wings: Sweet Thing & Darkened stare – Angelic wings – Event item! For TAG Gatcha!
Harness: Alyce – Tied up
Garter: Sweet Thing – Lilac Pentagram Trick Garter – Event item! For TAG Gatcha!

Landscape card:

Pool: Frogstar – Midnight pond – Previous event item! From Genre
Grass/Trees: Miasnow – Plush landscaping FATPACK
Giant flowers: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – Sparkling flower – snow – Previous even item! From The Seasons Story

21 Shoe April preview – MyADDICTION

Hey all! I have more gorgeous shoes to show you today, this time from a New-to-me shoe store called MyADDICTION!

21 Shoe April preview - MyADDICTION_001

For 21Shoe, MyADDICTION has out a FATPACK of gorgeous strappy, spiked heels! These shoes are completely HUD controlled, giving you a ton of customization options. I’ve included a shot of the HUD in my photo so you can see all of the options! These are made for both the Slink HIGH feet, and the Maitreya feet (Which I’m wearing!) and are $L250 for the event.

21 Shoe April preview - MyADDICTION_003

I’ve paired them with a fun swishy dress from Zanzibar CreationZ, which is available at the current round of genre, and includes a texture change HUD to pick your dress colour!

21 Shoe April preview - MyADDICTION_002

and I finished off my vintage-inspired look with Lumae‘s Draven skin (currently available at the Black Fashion Fair) in tone 2, Satin, and the newest hair release from Ploom for this round of the kawaii project!

Style Card:

SkinLumae – tone 2/satin – Draven – Event item! For the Black Fashion Fair
HairPloom – Glitch – reds/ploomage – Event item! For the kawaii project
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh body
DressZanzibar CreationZ – Imelda dress
ShoesMyADDICTION – Iris – Fatpack – Event item! For 21Shoe ❤
Puppy: Oopsie – French Bulldog Puppy – White

21 Shoe April Preview – YS&YS!

Hey guys! 21 shoe is almost upon us again, and I’ve got a few pre-release teaser copies of shoes that will be for sale to show you! The shoes I have on in this post WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL THE 21st of this month, and will ONLY be available for 24 hours so please keep that in mind!

21 Shoe April Preview - YS&YS!_001

YS&YS‘s shoes for this round are 2 pairs of strappy chunky-heeled sandals that are absolutely perfect for spring.  The Rapallo heels come in Pure (left) and Summer BW (right), which has the lovely floral print, and the pack include pairs rigged for both Slink HIGH, and Maitreya feet! I’m wearing them on my Maitreya feet above (along with the body, of course!)

21 Shoe April Preview - YS&YS!_002

I’ve paired those with a fun springy set that can be currently found on Sn@tch‘s riot vendors! If you get enough people together, you can get the top and skirt that I’m wearing, in a ton of colours each, for just $L45, and $L50 (respectively). A sweet bag from Frogstar for the Black fashion fair adds a little pop of contrast to my outfit, and finished it off with Lumae‘s We ❤ RP skin!

21 Shoe April Preview - YS&YS!_003

Lumae actually has 2 skins out right now at we ❤ RP, both in wonderful shades of purple! Above I’m wearing the jewel face in the priestess tone (purple!) with a bare face. The pack includes 2 additional makeup options, oracle and tribal, among many MANY other options, and includes appliers for just about everything possible!

P.S.! Ploom is having a 50% off sale right now to get ready for the opening of their brand new store, Doe! A TON of hair is going to be retired after the sale, so scoot your cute tushie over to the store and pick up anything you don’t want to miss!

Style Card:

Skin: Lumae – Jewel – preistess – bare – Event item! for We ❤ RP
Hair: Ploom – Honey – Monotone/Ploomage ❤
Eyes: The Sugar Garden – Awake – Ice blue
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh body
Necklace: Nylon Outfitters – Lucky Cat Charm – Wisdom
Earrings: Plastik – Chaos earrings – Valentine/Shiny
Bag: Frogstar – Elodie leather shoulder bad – wine – Event item! for the black fashion fair ❤
Top: Sn@tch – Talia tank top – White
Skirt: Sn@tch – Rae Mini skirt – Purple
Shoes: YS&YS – Rapallo heels – Event item! for 21 Shoe! ❤

Skin fair spotlight – YumYums / Adored Bodyshop

So, Skin fair comes to an end in a little less than one week, I’ve shown you guys a couple of things here and there, but now I want to devote a whole post each to the designers who were fantastic enough to provide review copies to those who asked!

I’m going to start this week off with YumYums, and Adored Bodyshop. Previously, I showed off YumYums skin fair skin in another post, however, that post disappeared from my blog, and I have yet to see it come back, so, to make up for that, they’ll be first!

Skin fair spotlight - YumYums / Adored Bodyshop_001

I can never say enough good things about YumYums skins, they are always gorgeous, smooth, youthful, and absolutely perfect for my shape. Hope, YumYums offering for the Skin Fair, follows along this trend and is simply stunning. I’m wearing the base skin in the photos above, with Dark freckles on the Left, and completely bare on the right. The full skin pack includes 2 packs of lippies, 6 blushes, dark/med/light freckle options, full body freckles, 3 suggested eyebrow shapers (I’m wearing #1), moles, a system lash hider, and a massive applier HUD that includes: Slink, Lolas, the Azzes, Maitreya, Loud mouth, nyam nyam, PXL, soul kissers, and baby bump

Skin fair spotlight - YumYums / Adored Bodyshop_002

The Hope skin pack also includes 2 lipstick packs chock full of lippies for any occasion. Be aware that these lippies aren’t your standard type, and will only work for this particular skin! (Note that I’ve switched to Loud Mouth‘s brand new Alli 3.0 mouth to show off the lippies) Pack 1 contains 7 soft, mostly sheer colours that feel more like lip balm or stain than lipstick. I absolutely love these for mixing, matching, and layering for different effects.

Skin fair spotlight - YumYums / Adored Bodyshop_003

Lipstick pack 2 includes 12 fun, opaque shades that run the spectrum from end to end. This pack contains more “unnatural” colours, and are great for when you want to spice things up a bit, or add a pop of colour!

Skin fair spotlight - YumYums / Adored Bodyshop_004

Finally, since we’re on the subject of lippies, Adored Bodyshop has out multiple products including a gift lippie in a great dark purple, and 2 different additional packs of lipsticks in brights and darks. I managed to snag the brights, which I’m wearing above, but I love these so much that I plan to go back and get the other pack as well! These lippies have great fun names like “Barbie Bitch”, “Gack”, and “Space invader” and are really bright, saturated colours, perfect for parties, or when you want to draw attention to your luscious lips!

 Skin: YumYums – Hope – Porcelain – Event item! – For the Skin Fair! ♥
Hair: Ploom – Megan – Blondes/Ploomage – Event item! – For My attic! ♥
Mouth: Loud Mouth – Alli 3.0
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh body
Headband: Remarkable Oblivion – Meowjesty – White

21 shoe is bringing cute shoes straight to your closet!

So, 21 shoe is right around the corner! If you’re new to this event, here’s the quick and dirty: Each month, some of the best shoe designers on the grid (15 regulars and several guest designers) offer 2 pairs of shoes for the price of one, but only for one single day, the 21st of the month!
I’ve managed to snag advanced copies of quite a few pairs this round, and I’m extremely excited to share these with you:
21 shoe is bringing cute shoes straight to your closet!_001
 From Essenz, we have an absolutely adorable pack of pairs of pastel peep-toe pumps! This pack includes both the pink and the blue pairs of the Florence heels, are created for the Slink High feet! ($L280 for the pair)
21 shoe is bringing cute shoes straight to your closet!_002
The two pairs from G&D are as different as night and day!
The Norma pumps come in a fun rainbow print, and Sabot comes in olive green. These work on Slink high feet, maitreya, and TheMeshProject! ($L300 for the pair)
21 shoe is bringing cute shoes straight to your closet!_006
House of Rain‘s Crysania sandals are original mesh and come in Grey/black and Red/gold, and feature delicate metal details. These are made to fit the Slink MID feet, and match an existing set of jewelry in the store! This pair works exclusively on Slink high feet ($L295 for the pair)
21 shoe is bringing cute shoes straight to your closet!_003
Unf. N-core‘s heels are always gorgeous, and their exclusives for 21 Shoe are absolutely no exception!
N-Core‘s Knotted heels feature solid leather in black and white, intertwined with snake skin print and come in black and white for this event. These shoes are extremely versatile and include versions for: Slink high feet, N-core extreme feet, Maitreya, TheMeshProject, and Belleza’s feet as well! ($L395 for the pair)
21 shoe is bringing cute shoes straight to your closet!_004
Sax Shepherd Designs brings us 2 pairs of really interesting platform stilettos for the 21st! Their HUD is amazingly extensive as always and gives you the ability to switch the shoe’s base colour, change the rings, buckles, rivets, and gems! You can only wear these with Slink high feet. ($L295 for the pair)
21 shoe is bringing cute shoes straight to your closet!_005
And, last but certainly not least, YS&YS‘s offer for this one-day sale is a 2 pack of their Monaco heels! This special pack comes with one pair of peep toes in glossy fuxia, and one in ivory suede. I’m really loving the detailing towards the ankle, that makes these heels feel really special! These work on Slink high feet, maitreya and belleza. ($L350 for the pair)
I’ve paired these with one of the pastel pairs of Songbird‘s Five pointed stockings for an adorable springy look!
21 shoe is bringing cute shoes straight to your closet!_007
Finally, You’ve seen the feet of my skin, but the face is even lovelier!
In all of my photos, I’m wearing this beautiful skin, the brand new Jewel skin from Lumae at the skin fair! I’m wearing her in the Apricots makeup, but if you hop over to the fair, you can also find her with a dressier, Ruby makeup, and also in bare! I’m loving the sweet face on this skin, as well as how smooth it is. Included in the pack is: Your choice of skins with mid Cleavage, multiple freckle and eyebrow options on the skins themselves, 3 cleavage Tattoo Layers, eyelash tattoos, 2 modifiable shapes, and appliers for: Omega regular appliers, Omega Petites Body Applier, Omega Head Applier, SLink Multi HUD, SLink Visage, TMP Body, TMP Head, Loud Mouth, Nyam, Sweet Lips and Kissers mesh mouths!
Style Card:
Skin: Lumae – Jewel – Tone 2 – Apricots – Event item! for the Skin Fair! ♥
Hair: Ploom – Sharla – Candy/Ploomage packs – Event item! For the Kawaii Project! ♥
Dress: Tres Blah – Frilly dress – Rosey
Necklace: Cae – Gravity

Let’s see how far we’ve come…

So, today a friend of mine brought to my attention the “Monday blog meme” challenge that was posted this past Monday by none other than Miss Strawberry Singh herself. (Berry’s post with all of the info can be found [HERE], my friend’s post is [HERE]!) Even though Monday has come and gone, I wanted to take part in this, so I dug up the very first image I ever posted to flickr from waaaaaay back when I was the Penurious Huntress, not the Skyclad Fashionista, and put it next to a pic I took today, just for funsies.

Let's see how far we've come... _001


It’s amazing how far I’ve come as a photographer, a blogger, an avatar, and even as a person since then. I’ve been around in SL since 2005 and it has been absolutely amazing watching things grow, change, and evolve… system items turn to prim and then to sculpt and now to mesh.

 My sense of style is definitely similar to way back then, as is my blogging style; descriptive posts detailing what I’m wearing with full credits for everything, however, my photography skills and the quality of the items I choose to blog have come so far that it’s breathtaking… and my face has gained much much more realistic proportions… I’ve learned windlights, depth of field, lighting, posing… really I’ve made a complete overhaul! SL has come so very far, and so have I!

Style Card (Then):
Skin: Heartsick – Enchant – Reverie – Winter’s Kiss
Hair: Sirena – Cody – Reds pack
Lippie: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Agua Gloss Lip (Veronique III)

(That’s about all I can recall, I closed that blog ages ago)

Style Card (Now):
Skin: Glam affair – Sia – Europa – 04
Hair: Little bones – Wasted – Ink dipped – group gift!/$L100 to join
Eyes: Song – Chibi eyes
Ears: Mandala – Steking ears
Top: Danika – Hawt 4 Teacher schoolgirl shirt
Pasties: FnH – Ouchie Bandaids – No H8