The angel in the garden at the end of the world

At the very end of the world, the very very edge, you will find a garden. Unlike others, this garden never stays still for very long, and the even the very earth is alive and ever changing. This garden is home to an angel cast out of heaven and to pure for the underworld… If you find this beautiful place where the world ends, and if you are lucky… very very lucky, you may catch a glimpse of this lovely, lost little soul.

Lips as pink as a budding flower, wings black as night, hair like newly fallen snow
Close your eyes, make a wish, and set them free. Nothing should be kept captive.

I actually put this look together quite a while ago with some gifts from “world’s end garden” which is also where all of these photos were taken. The wings were a twisted hunt gift from quite a while ago from favole, the final pose with the fireflies is from long awkward pose which, sadly, no longer exists inworld… The dress is still available at World’s End Garden. 

Style card is as follows:

~Skin: [Pink Fuel] – Elly – Pure/Angelic
~Hair: [Elikatira] – Sound – White 05
~Eyes: FATEeyes v2.0 (custom coloured)
~Wings: ::{Favole}:: – Fallen
~Horns: .u.n.y.u. – Glitter*Horns [-Dark-] [-Glitter-]
~Dress: World’s End Garden – Le jardin de la fille
~Hair Piece: World’s End Garden – Le lis blanc du Roi
~Fireflies pose: Long Awkward Pose (no longer inworld)
~Poses: All poses in this post other than the fireflies pose are from the Portable pose stand HUD from Peppermint Blue, which sadly does not seem to exist anymore…

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