So, I can never ever get my fill of kawaii. A couple of friends and I were out shopping for a look to go along with a pair of Dilly Dolls shoes that just came out… a bit more on why I’m NOT wearing them later, but I just could not resist ALL of the kawaii at Katat0nik while we were out!!
This dress from Katat0nik might just be the cutest thing I have seen to date, and the matching stockings go really well, and are just so damn cute I might asplode from it! AND I bet you thought I was done blogging arcade unicorn horns! The horn I’m wearing is “Starchild” which was a rare! It was actually a gift that my friend Boo gave me because it just went with this outfit so well!

And speaking of gifts! While Boo and I were shopping at Exile (for the hair I’m wearing!), we ran into the owner of Katat0nik! She was a bit lost, so we helped her find what she was looking for, and she tossed each of us these AMAZING shoes to say thank you! Can you believe it? How awesomely generous of her! These shoes come with a HUD that can change the bow, platform, straps, main shoe body, and there are just too many combos to mention!

While I was AFK doing some RL stuff, my awesome friends won me this adorably kyoot Strawberry milk plushie! I actually collect plushies in SL as well as RL, so this is a fantastic addition to that collection!

The Slink nails that I bought a while ago (and seriously have not taken off since) were possibly the best nail purchase I have made to date! They are absolutely fantastic, easy to use, and SO many designers are making polish for them that the options are endless! The polish I’m wearing is from the “Unicorn” set from A:S:S. I went a bit crazy and bought a TON of their polishes when I got my nails!

Hey, do you know what else is EPIC kawaii? The…

Style Card:
Skin: Essences *CHO skin* ~ Light Rose
Hair: Exile::Sparkle And Fade Wild Fusion 2
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. June Gift – Galaxy
Nails: Slink Enhancement Fingernails
Polish: A:S:S – SLINK avatar enhancement system nails – Unicorn
Wings: [SI] Chibi Wings – these were a gift via MP and I couldn’t find them :/
Horn: +Half-Deer+ Sweet Dreams Unicorn Set (Starchild) RARE
Dress: *katat0nik* (lt pink) Lunar Dragon Dress
Shoes: *katat0nik* (candy FATPACK) Aya Wedges (MESH)
Milk: *katat0nik* (blue) Strawberry Milk Doll
1.) aDORKable Poses: 8 of 25 2012    \
2.) aDORKable Poses: 17 of 25 2012   |  — These are no longer availble
3.) aDORKable Poses :18 of 25 2012   /

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