An inner struggle… [AN SL CHATTERBOX CROSSOVER!]

Have you ever had an inner struggle? wrestled with a choice between good and evil? of course you have. Everyone has these struggles almost every day. Should you do your homework, or put it off for video games? Should you go and talk to the new girl, or join your friends in teasing her? Whether the struggle is large or small, it’s still a struggle… Sometimes the good wins out, and sometimes the bad does. In my head, full of frills, froth, and rainbows, I had always imagined my inner fights between good and evil looked something like this…

The newest release from .:Dystorted:. is a pair of outfits, one “sinner” (worn by me) Which is all black, and includes a mesh corset top (with applier), a pair of mesh hot pants, arm warmers, leg warmers with shoes, horns a tail, and bat wings, and the other “Saint” (which is on Akira), which includes the same things as the sinner outfit, save for the tail, horns, and bat wings, but instead includes its own white wings, and halo!

Akira’s “Steallar” piercings, which aren’t part of her outfit are from Cute poison, and her posture collar is from {Darkware}!

Talk about wrestling with your inner daemons, right?

To my “Sinner” outfit, I added: a (Red)Mint Posture collar (with custom, one-of-a-kind lock), the Ouija necklace from Cute Poison, Apostate piercings from :Hebenon Vial: and a sexy spiked headband, which comes with the “Hearts on fire” hair from Clawtooth!

I wanna say thanks so much to Akira Voorhees from The SL Chatterbox fashion blog for helping me out with this, and being my “good side” 😉 You should check out her blog, which is linked above, because it’s awesome, and because she posts much more often than I do!

No struggles here, just the…

Style Card:

Skin: Essences – Song – light rose – Goth 01 – DRESSING ROOM FUSION EXCLUSIVE!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Mina – [NoRoots] – Reds04Fade
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. – June Gift – Galaxy – NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual
Nail Polish: A:S:S – Slink fingernails – Black drama
Breasts: Lolas – :::Tango :::
Piercings: :Hebenon Vial: Apostate [Metal]
Outfit: .:Dystorted:. – Sinner outfit
Collar: (red)Mint~Posture Collar ~ No.01 (Mesh)
Headband: Clawtooth – Hearts on Fire Spiked Headband – PREVIOUS ARCADE GACHA ITEM
Necklace: Cute Poison – Ouija Necklace
Earrings:  Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – Shadow Cross

Skin: Pixystix – Hayden – 00 – EXCLUSIVE FOR THE Structure Your Skin Project (SYSP)
Hair:  Magika – Careful – naturals pack
Eyes:  Impish – Nekoeyes – NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Nails: Slink – Avatar Enhancement nails
Nail Polish: –[Pins & Needles]– Pastel Polish Pack – available at the Candy Factory!
Breasts: Lolas – :::Tango :::
Outfit:  .:Dystorted:. – Saint outfit
Collar: {DarkWare}  – Tainted -White
Piercing: Cute Poison – Stellar Piercing – Candy Metals – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Mirror: Baffle! Romantic Mirror – STORE CLOSED
Room, Hanging chair, papers, book stacks: W. Winx & Flair – WinBox
Weasel:  Weasel – HPMD* – White (small)
Cat: !Ohmai – Neko Mochi – NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Mouse: !Ohmai – Nezumi Mochi – NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Bunny: !Ohmai – Usagi Mochi – NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Fox: .Birdy. – Curled arctic fox – available at the Acid Lily Gallery – hurry!
Turtle: ~Silentsparrow~ – Turtle friend – Dancing! – Mint kiss
LLama: .Birdy. – Cotton Candy Llama {Bubble gum}

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