Would you kindly let me in?

So, when looking for inspiration for blog posts, I look everywhere… art, poetry, stores, on the street in real life… and sometimes I can even find inspiration in legends… One of my favourite legends is the “Black eyed kids” or BEK legend.

Chances are, you have not yet heard of the black eyed kids. yet. Sightings of these beings are few and far between, but seem to be growing in number. Reports describing encounters with the black eyed kids are at the best of times frightening, and at the worst of times bone-chilling.

Most of the stories you hear start the same way… it was late, there was a knock at the door, or the doorbell rang
You open the door to find a child on your doorstep, needing help of some type… they’re injured, lost, need to use the toilet, make an urgent phone call, or another type of distress, and they ask, plead, and sometimes are even reported to beg to be let inside…
All of a sudden you are struck with an unexplained sense of absolute terror; perhaps because, upon closer inspection, you notice that the child’s eyes are completely black… no difference between iris, pupil, or sclera… just pure black eyes… or perhaps it’s because, as one witness stated, the child’s face is just slightly…. off… or sometimes even slightly blurry… like your eyes can’t quite focus on their face. One witness, after denying the child access to their home, reported seeing this child in their driveway every day until the homeowner called the police… after that the child was never spotted near their home, however, they report seeing the child on the side of the road while driving, behind trees while out, in crowds, and always staring at them…

 Would you kindly let me in?

Style Card:

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Mina – [NoRoots] – Browns03
Eyes: cStar Limited – Pure Full Black Eyes
Skin: cStar Limited – Yuna 01 – Shine
Feet: Slink – Womens Natural Barefeet – flat
Headband: Remarkable Oblivion – Crown of Thorns
Dress: The Secret Store – Jezibell Dress – Snow
Stockings: :Adam n Eve: Appliers forSLINK Stocking Feet Long – black
Shoes: fri.day – Cotton.Mary Janes – (Black.On.Black)

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