So, as some of you may know, the Elder Scrolls Online beta is this weekend, and I got picked to beta the game!! So you will have to forgive the fantasy/elder scrolls/medieval themed posts!! 
After the big opening tutorial area (way too many spoilers to go into detail!), my character (a wood elf nightblade with a pretty decent bow) washes up on the shore of a tropical island… pretty neat, right?

While these photos were obviously not taken on an island, but you get the gist of it 😉 There’s a lot to do and explore in the land of Tamriel, and while my time in the realm has ended (the beta session I was in only ran from Friday till Sunday), I can’t wait to come back!

While I normally take all of my own photos, do my own editing, and all of that jazz, these amazing photos were taken by the fantabulous Kaylith Zeurra, owner of .Presence. poses, and frequent contributor to the rainbow fashionista’s blog. Check out more of here breathtaking work >>>[HERE]<<<

Let’s check out the credits!

Style Card:
Hair: Clawtooth – Windswept – Strawberry cream
Skin: Essences – Lily *light rose*
Collar: Pekka – Chain Collar [Silver]
Ear pieces: Remarkable Oblivion – Elysium – Hope – NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Hat: Pucca Firecaster Creations – Hawk Eye Cap
Pauldrons: the muses . Penghel Armor . Black
Bracers: [The Forge] Viking Bracers, (Black Leather) Common) Box -CBOX
Gloves: [Ascent] Armored Gloves  05 (Boxed) RARE – i could not find a LM ANYWHERE for this store, and neither of the owners have it on their profile at all either.
Shirt: *{Junbug}* Mayfly Corset Top Fatpack
Pants: the muses . Penghel Armor . Black
Boots: the Lounge – Med Grey Mesh Celtic Calf Boots – WE ❤ RP EXCLUSIVE!
Bow: LR Weapons – Valhalla Bow [Elite]


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