Sick day… :(

So, what started out as a scratchy/prickly throat a day or two ago has turned into a full blown, what did I do to deserve this, I feel like I’m dying, please for the love of god shoot me now, winter cold… I am so grateful for my partner at times like these… 

I am such a whiny snuggly little thing when I’m sick. At times like these, he’s so patient with me… and doesn’t get mad about my stuffies being all over the bed (seriously, in real life, my stuffie collection is ALL over our bed right now…) 

My Master never fails to take care of me, make sure I’m alright, don’t need anything… 

and always refuses to leave my side… 

I just love him so very much… 

I’ll update this with a style card when I get a chance, guys… but for now, I’m freaking exhausted… It is definitely time for snuggles, hot tea, warm blankets, and a tinker bell movie marathon on netflix. ♥ I hope you’re having a better day than I am!


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