Sick day – PART 2! wooo….. not really… :(

So, unfortunately, I am still feeling like I got run over by a herd of turtles… as my grandfather so aptly puts it…

as much as I normally love being snuggled up under a blanket…
 …since I haven’t been able to do much else the last few days, I’ve been going seriously stir crazy…
…but since my temperature is still constantly somewhere north of 100, and my throat feels like it’s full of crushed glass…

…Master says I have to keep resting and taking my meds… and I can’t leave the house 😦

less tired than before, so here’s a kinda…

Style card-ish thing! WOO!

Skin: Essences – Rose – Doux
Hair: Milk! – Sonia – colours – FREE TODAY! WOOOO (hey, at least I did SOMETHING today!)
Top: Sn@tch – butch tanks – sheer
Pants: Apple may designs – Jammy pants – purple
Chair: – cozy chair – creamy (it’s super cozy… i love it)
All other furniture: Storaxtree!!

I am probably forgetting things, I definitely feel like I am… but I’m on cold meds, so… woooo! 😦


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