Happy birthday, Skyclad fashionista!

So, yesterday my blog officially turned one year old! It’s been an interesting year with a few ups, and a lot of downs… I’ve gained quite a few amazing sponsors, been turned down by more than I care to admit, lost a few friends, gained a few new ones, passed the 5K views hurdle, and am quickly approaching 10K. As I reflect on this past year, I just want to say thank you to all of my readers, all of my sponsors, all of the bloggers who have given me tips, and helped me get better, the friends that hold me up when I just don’t feel like I can do anything anymore, and my partner who spell checks my blog, laughs at my bad jokes… which there are many of, cheers me up when I’m down, which is often, and stands beside me… no matter what silly decision I make… Thanks to all of you, I’ve become a damn good blogger, and I plan to continue to get even better… So, Happy birthday, Skyclad Fashionista… and many many more!

With all of that said… let’s move on to some of my favourite things: Rainbows, cupcakes, glitter, and unicorns!!

om nom nom… my neko mochi mouth nom is the “freshly baked” mini hunt prize from Amai! My absolutely freaking amazing horn is one of Panik’s project limited items! I LOVE this pastel rainbow version! My lovely pink lippie is another shade in the freebie pack from Tilly! I am absolutely LOVING these lipsticks!

My nails are another “freshly baked” mini hunt gift, but this time from Kawaii, the store hosting the hunt! The collar I have on here is from Pekka. I always make a note to buy their collars when they come out with new ones… I personally believe they’re the best looking SIMPLE collars on the market! This one is currently out at The fantasy Collective
These super cute panties are one more hunt item in the “freshly baked” mini hunt! These come to you from a fairly new lingerie shop called “Aerica’s Lingerie”. I think they’re just the cutest!
AND they say tasty on the butt!! How cute is that?! They not only come on both pant and pantie layers, but they also include appliers for your azz!

What’s a unicorn princess without her hooves? I guess just an oddball with a horn? My pony boots are from KCreations, and were a gift from my partner! each and every bit of these is texture change, and modifiable via edit menu, for total customizablilty! Is that a word? no? oh… well… it is now!

Style Card!
Skin: Essences – Rose – Doux
Freckles: Joli – light freckles
Hair: Exile – Just a reason – Wild fusion 2 – previous arcade item
Eyes: KMADD – mesh eye sampler pack
Lashes: Mon Cheri – falsies eyelashes
Ears: Cute Bytes – bubbly pierced elven ears
Hands: Slink – avatar enhancement hands – casual AND splayed
Nails: Kawaii – Don’t eat me! cupcake nails – pink
Breasts: Lolas – tangos – updated version
Ass: Luck Inc. – Cute Azz
Horn: Panik Magic Unicorn Rainbow – for project limited – unsure if this is still available
Tail: Half-Deer – Lotus blossom tail – past arcade item
Collar: Pekka – Ring collar – for the fantasy collective
Pasties: Vintage Vixen – Pink chibi wings pasties
Panties: Aericas boutique – Tasty panties
Boots: KCreations – Pony boots


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