It’s all a….dream…

So, as quickly as it began, the Final Fantasy festival is almost over. Today is the very last day for this event, and I have to admit, I am extremely sad to see it go. It has been a pleasure to blog the items from the event, and I wish I had more time to show off everything, but here’s one last look at some more event exclusives before the very end!
Cloud skin by Morphine, Hair by Ayashi, eyes by Lovely Disarray… all EVENT EXCLUSIVES!
Pose and prop by Hopscotch, and are another EVENT EXCLUSIVE
My Top, and shoes are prizes from the male path of the Jack or Jill hunt
Super extra cute moogles are by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations

and the squee-worthy baby behemoths are from Monster Slayer

No piggy! My letters!!

I want to thank all of the amazing designers for their fun and fantastical contributions to the festival, it has been a pleasure blogging this event!!

Style Card:
Skin: Morphine – Seph Pale Skin (V.Cloud) – $L800 per tone –  EVENT EXCLUSIVE
Hair: Ayashi – Cloud – Blond – $L200 per colour pack – EVENT EXCLUSIVE
Eyes: Lovely Disarray – Visions of midgar – Ice – $L85 per colour EVENT EXCLUSIVE
Top: Malfean Visions Nevermore Hoodie shirt – $L0/Jack or Jill Hunt Gift!
Shoes: M.Inc. – Lazer Mid-Top Skate shoe – RIOT! – $L0/Jack or Jill hunt gift!
Cuffs: Sn@tch – Suede wristbands – part of a previous fishing outfit – $L350

Poses, Props, Scenery:
Moogles: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – Kupo army gatcha – Hellow kupo, hug kupo, letters kupo, savings kupo, kupo-po – $L50 per play – EVENT EXCLUSIVE
Piggies: Monster Slayer – Holdable Baby Behemoth gatcha – Original and painted – $L50 per play (gatcha) EVENT EXCLUSIVE
Chocobo: Geek – Sleepy lil’ Chobo – classic – $L130 per colour – EVENT EXCLUSIVE
Tree bed: – Dreamer’s.Tree (with lights) – $L400
Sky Dome: Turnip’s homes – Spring skydome V2.0 – $L1000

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