Feeling peachy!

So, it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve blogged here on my awesome little blog! Since being accepted into the fabfree team, I’ve been spending a lot of time blogging over there. I’m really loving being part of the team, but there are a lot of protocols and rules that make posting there take a lot of time… I’m sure I’ll get the swing of it sooner of later though! But anywhoo, I managed to snag the whole sn@tch fishing outfit this time around, and it’s a cute set in peachy peach!

The outfit includes 24 pieces to collect and has a ton of options for mixing or matching.

The outfit has a little bit of everything… Lingerie, a cami and panty set, shiny pants, a mesh tutu, a sweater (not shown) earrings, a ring, makeup, and even shoes!

Just peachy even includes shoes! These cute matching pumps are unrigged mesh, modifiable, and resize scripted for convenience!

The skin I’m wearing isn’t included with the outfit, it’s actually a freebie from Pixystix for the skin fair! This skin uses the Winnifred base, and is in the primrose tone, but the makeup is exclusive to the skin fair! If you love it as much as I do, hop over and grab it before skin fair is over! The piercings and tag necklace I have on are new releases from Cute poison! The tag necklaces have a ton of sayings, and the piercings come in 3 HUD-controlled metals

I promise I’ll stop neglecting you guys, but if you’d like to see the posts I have up on fabfree, check out this link —> [HERE] It leads right to all of my posts!

Style Card:

Skin: Pixystix – Winnifred – SE Skin fair edition – Primrose – $L0/Skin fair freebie
Eyes: The Sugar Garden – Vibrant – Radioactive – $L0/Group gift/$L350 to join
Hair: Clawtooth – Windswept – Strawberry cream – 
Outfit: Sn@tch – Fish for this – Just Peachy – $L0/Fishing outfit
Piercings: Cute Poison – Animus piercings
Necklace: Cute Poison – Tagged necklace – Cute


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