For the LOVE of BOOBIES!

So, the for the love of boobies hunt is almost over, and I’m super sad to see it go, but there is still time to pick up the fantastic gifts from all of these tango and azz friendly shops!

(from left to right)…

Bra and panty set – Modanna – Polissonne collection – ($L0/Freebie/FTLOB hunt gift)
Top – Lolita – Blueberry top – ($L0/Freebie/FTLOB hunt gift) 
Corset and panty set – FLG – Minnie dirty – ($L0/Freebie/FTLOB hunt gift)

I’m absolutely in LOVE with the new O.M.G mouth from Loud mouth! This mouth works with all of the previous LM appliers (of course!) and is perfect for that moment when you just can’t believe what’s going on, or for when you just NEED a lollipop! I believe right now it’s only available at the Skin fair, so make sure you de-script before you pop over and grab it! The Pixystix skin I have on, which is also a hunt gift, comes with appliers for the loud mouth, as well as everything else imaginable! Make sure you grab it while you’re hunting, so you have something to test on your new mouth!

(from left to right)…

Outfit – Glitzz – For the love of boobies outfit – ($L0/Freebie/FTLOB hunt gift)
Dress – D&G – Diva – BlackCyan – ($L0/Freebie/FTLOB hunt gift)
Swimsuit – Beautiful Dangerous – Roxie – Aqua – ($L0/Freebie/FTLOB hunt gift)

Style Card:
Skin: Pixystix – Winnifred FTLOB – primrose ($L0/Freebie/FTLOB hunt gift)
Hair: Chemistry – buttons – electric rose
Shoes: The Sugar Garden – Bubble heels – Black
Lolli: Amai – sucker – Pink inusweets
Eyes: The Sugar Garden – Neko Luvers eyes – rose gold
Hands/Feet: Slink
Boobs: Lolas Tangos
Booty: Luck inc – Cute azz


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