You’re the apple of my eye!

So first, I just wanna say… AW YEAH, THANK YOU GUYS FOR 10K PAGEVIEWS!! This was actually a couple weeks ago, and I’m almost to 11K right now, but I forgot to flail about and announce it here XD

BUT ANYWAY, The “Apple of my eye” Hunt started on the 1st of April, and will run through the 13th. There are 13 stops in this hunt, which makes it perfect for days where you only have a little smidge of spare time, or for the impatient hunter!

My outfit is from stop #1 on the hunt, Zanzo. Both the tank and capris are rigged mesh, and they come in all 5 standard sizes!

My Earrings are from stop #3, Arise, The makeup I have on is from stop #9, Lovely Disarray, my glasses are from stop #10, X-Sight, and my lip piercing is compliments of stop #12, Ellabella! There really is something for everyone on this hunt!

Here we have 2 fun beanbag chairs in appleicious colours, and apple art panels from Circa, as well as apple cutout wall art from Frogstar! These are #’s 5 and 13 on the hunt.

Finally, While my shoes are NOT hunt gifts, they are absolutely lovely! These are an exclusive item from SYSY for the “Fit for a princess!” event, which also started on the first! The come in 6 colours, and are $L295 each for the duration of the event!

Style Card:
Skin: Glam affair – Aria – combo 06 – previous arcade item
Hair: Ploom – Genevive – Ploomage – $L
Eyes: Ikon – Promise eyes – Fjord – previous group gift/no longer available
Hands: Slink – Casual hands – $L

Poses: Ilaya – Apple poses – $L0/Apple of my eye hunt gift!

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