We can’t stop, but why would we want to?

Hey you gorgeous people out there, I hope your Monday is…. not too terribly Monday-ish! 
     Today has been a very up and down day for me… I woke up very early and very very sick, but managed to get back to sleep after taking some pepto… and then the BF woke me up soon after (grrrr!) but had some extremely good news…. but I’m still struggling with a couple of really big decisions that will impact a lot of things in my life, and I was sitting here trying to figure out how to even start to cope with my day when it hit me… “Skyler, what do you usually do when you have something to say?” I blog about it. Why? Because that’s my way of getting it out of my head, off of my chest, and it helps me deal with all of the things going on… I miss my little blog (lol little? I’ve got over 10K views!) I miss saying what I want to say, when I want to say it, and how I want it to be said… 

     well anyway, today I’m focusing on my Sn@tch…. no, not that one, you naughty thing! Sn@tch‘s new fishing outfit is a sexy little thing featuring a mesh skirt, corset, lingerie, appliers for various bits, and more! There are 23 pieces total to collect, I’ve put together a few smexy combos, but I’m sure your brilliant little minds can come up with more than what I have! I always always always go and fish for these because there’s so much versatility in the pieces that even if you don’t LOVE the outfit as a whole, which I almost always do anyway, the pieces work by themselves or even with other things! For those of you who aren’t sure how it works, to fish for the outfit, you must buy one of 7S’s fishing poles, but they can be found at most locations that offer fishing, sn@tch being one. It’s a one-time purchase, you can use the rod forever, and you even get free lifetime updates! This week’s fishing outfit comes in 23 pieces and includes a mesh skirt in all sizes, lingerie, a corset, pants, boots, makeup, socks, a mesh jacket, a tank top, tangos appliers, g.booty appliers, and slink appliers, with all of the system pieces on most system layers for maximum possibilities! phwew what a list!

While my skin and hair aren’t part of the outfit, they are definitely worth mentioning! Right now the skin I have on, which is from Essences, can be found for just $L70 at the dressing room fusion! The Siggy skin comes in one tone, but can be found in 3 different makeup options and Each pack has the skin with multiple eyebrow colours, as well as cleavage options! My hair, which is absolutely gorgeous, is the very first release from a brand new hair store called KoyKoy is owned by the person who makes poses for Ploom, Steve Cartier, who (I assume) wanted to try something new, and decided to open his own hair shop! While Koy only has 4 hairs out currently, they are all absolutely gorgeous, and fairly inexpensive to boot! Bravo Steve, please keep up the fantastic work!

Style card:

SkinEssences – Siggy 02 – Light rose – $L70/TDRF exclusive – grab it while it lasts!
OutfitsSn@tch – We can’t stop – $L0/freebie/fishing outfit
HairKoy – Kyra – Monotones
EyesThe Sugar Garden – Awake – Ice blue
PiercingCute Poison – Allogeneous piercing
CigaretteNikotin – Slim black
SkyboxTrompe loleil – The chatham loft skybox – $L0/Facebook like gift – visit store for details!
Hands & Feet by Slink

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