This black cat is the least of your worries…

So, it’s almost that time of year again… what? no, not christmas…. no… not halloween…. TWISTED HUNT! The twisted hunt is almost upon us once again, and I am waiting with baited breath. The hunt begins on the very first day of September and continues its perils throughout the entire month. 

Don’t know anything about the hunt but want to do it anyway? Well buck up, sweetheart, because this is, without one singe doubt, the hardest hunt on the grid, and it’s one that is certain to cause tears, shivers, flashbacks, loss of hair… and those little spinning boxes will surely haunt your nightmares for the entire month. The theme this time around is “Time warp” (n…no…. not that one…) which means that ANY and ALL past twisted hunt colours, palettes, and themes are fair game… time is only an illusion, after all.

Scared? Good. You should be. You can find more information, warnings (yes, warnings. no, I am not kidding.) a list of merchants, and more right [HERE].

I have been granted one designer’s gift a bit early, and I have been bubbling with excitement to show it off. Songbird, stop #20 on this twisted hunt, has 2 gifts for your hunting pleasure: The first is the twisted time pendant which features a clock with hands that continually spin. The second, and inspiration for this post and my outfit, is a set of eyes… but not just ordinary eyes… each pair of eyes has a different set of textures from past twisted hunts! I’ve donned number 3, chartreuse, my favourite colour, and the colour of the third twisted hunt whose theme was “Strangebrew” to celebrate this time warp.

Adding to the “strange” is the Laveau necklace from Cubic cherry kre-ations, which is their item for the Voodoo themed round of the Fantasy collective! This pendant is named after Marie Laveau, a renowned practitioner of voodoo in Louisiana. It features a grammaton tetra and is a fantastic shade of chartreuse.

and topping off my twisted look is my dress from Violet Vixen. This strapless dress comes in a wide array of colours (Solar is shown in this post) and each dress is touch texture change with 7 different options to choose from, but also includes a download link for a .PSD so you can make your own as well! If you have a Kemono and would like to try it out, there is a free “wearable demo” version that can be found on the marketplace [HERE], as well as in their main shop!

Finally, I’m using the “Sin” pose pack by Ploom, which they have out right now at District 5. All 6 of these poses are sexy, sultry, seductive, and are just perfect for giving into temptation

I have claimed the “Twisted survivor” title and tag in every single hunt to date, and I plan to add yet another spinning box of unholy evil to my wall of trophies… will you join me among the victorious, or will you succumb to the evils of the twisted hunt and become the next victim of the endgame? See you at the finish…. if you make it.

Style card:
Avatar: Utilizator – Kemono
Hair: Ploom – Nancy – ploomage pack – District 5 event item!
Eyes: Songbird – Twisted numbers: Three – $L0/FREE/Twisted hunt/will cost you your sanity!
Necklace 1: Songbird – Twisted time pendant – $L0/FREE/Twisted hunt/will cost you your sanity!
Necklace 2: Cubic cherry kre-ations – Laveau necklace – The fantasy collective event item!
Piercings: Cute Poison – Crave Piercing
Dress: Violet vixen – strapless dress – Solar – this item will ONLY work for the kemono!
Hat: Remarkable oblivion – Magician’s hat – Warlock – Gatcha item/$L50 per play
Poses: Ploom – Sin – District 5 event item!

Table: Dysfunctional designs – Alchemy alembic and table
Background: The black forest – mesh dungeon maze & alchemy lab

{NOTE!} All items I’ve used in this post were either specifically designed for the Utilizator Kemono avatar, or were lovingly and painstakingly modified to fit it. Most of these items WILL work without this avatar, however, the dress from Violet vixen was specifically designed to fit JUST the Kemono, and therefore will more than likely not work with any other avatar!

2 thoughts on “This black cat is the least of your worries…

  1. thank you for blogging! great job modding the eyes to fit the kemono! and now that i know you have a kemono.. i have some things for you in the future 😀 nimil, ~SongBird~

  2. thank you for blogging! great job modding the eyes to fit the kemono! and now that i know you have a kemono.. i have some things for you in the future 😀 nimil, ~SongBird~

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