It (was) my birthday and I’ll do what I want to!

Hey guys! So, last Friday (the 7th!) was MY (RL) BIRTHDAY! Even Google wished me a happy birthday! Seriously, how adorable is that? I meant to get this post up sooner, but my computer thought that a critical hard drive failure was the PERFECT present!

I’m celebrating this occasion by getting myself a couple of things in SL that I’ve had my eye on, and COINCIDENTALLY, my birthday is on a FRIDAY, which means FLF goodies too!

I can never pass up Glam affair when they decided to do FLF, and this week was absolutely no different! For this round of FLF, Glam affair has a set of 2 skins out in multiple brow options, one skin is in the pearl tone and the other is in the asia tone. I was super excited about this combo because I own the whole set of appliers for both of those tones! *little squee!*

Next, I flopped on over to and scooped up these oh-so-darling ankle boots. These are perfect for the autumn weather and the rapidly approaching winter! (and yes, I am floppy today, I’m sleeeeeeepy!)

and ending my FLF trip, I headed over to Junbug to grab their ballet slippers. I love the vintage red pair!

The first thing on my “HNNNNNG” list ( that’s like a wishlist, but with more grabby hands, and drool on the keyboard) is the absolutely fan-freaking-tastic hair from Remarkable Oblivion at the Sad November fair. I could not go another day without the Hellcat red version of their Aviator Ace hat/Hair combo! I’m wearing it with black hair, but it also comes with blonde, red, brunette, white, and a great red.

The next thing, which managed to jump onto my list just today, took up pretty much all of my saved up birthday money, but I think it was definitely worth it… Today The Sugar Garden released a brand spanking new mesh head called Mizu (which is the Japanese word for water, in case you were wondering!). each of the normal head colours are $L3K, BUT, the Vampy skin tone (which I happen to LOVE!) is half price! I absolutely could not pass up the cutest mesh head I’ve seen to date for that price. The Mizu head comes with 15 facial expressions, 16 makeups (I’m wearing gogo), and multiple hair base/eyebrow colour options. I may seriously never take this off!

and finally, while I was at the sad November event grabbing the swoon-worthy Aviator Ace hat, I stopped over at Razor‘s booth and grabbed myself a copy of their Vacancy hoodie jacket. I’ve had my eye on it since it came out, and I thought what better time to grab it than right now?! The jacket is HUD texture change and the HUD has quite a few options, the package also includes both female AND male sizes, so if you like to gender swap like I do, then this will be great for you!

Style card:
Head: The Sugar Garden – Mizu – Vampy – using Gogo makeup and Coy expression
Skin: The Sugar Garden – Luna – Vampy
Hair 1: Little bones – Horrorshow – Fullpack – $L0/FREE – Group gift/$L200 to join
Nails: Alaskametro – Byzantine – candy apple – Event item! – For the big show!
Collar: Red Mint – Posture V-Collar (Women) – No.07 (I’m wearing the LEFT half of the heart, my partner has the right half! Together it reads “Partners in crime”)
Jeans: Sakide – Denim Worker Pants – All pack
Piercings: Cute Poison – Ova piercings
Skin pair: Glam affair – Penny & Lauren – Returned
Hair 2: Remarkable Oblivion – Aviator Ace – Hellcat red – Black hair
Jacket: Razor – Vacancy Hooded jacket 
Shoes 1: – Wendy boots – coal
Shoes 2: Junbug – Leather slippers – vintage red

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