21 shoes? Oh yes please!

Hey guys! So 21 shoe is JUST around the corner, are you excited? I am! What’s 21 shoe? 21 Shoe is a sales event that features exclusive shoes from a selection of great designers from all over SL, but the catch is that it ONLY takes place for one single day… the 21st of each month, to be exact. I happen to have procured a few special previews for you, so you can get a jump on making a wishlist!

First we have Zanzabar Creationz. Their offerings for this event are the Aelia flats (Left) and Aelianna flats (Right). These are for the Slink FLAT feet, and each pair is HUD controlled, Aelia has a choice of 3 metals (gold, brass/copper/ and silver shown) and Aelianna has a choice between 4 accent colours, and 3 metals. I’m wearing black on the accent colour, and copper/brass on the chains. On each HUD, I’ve circled the choice in red!

Next, House of Rain has out 2 different pairs of their Morphine Queen heels for this event. These new heels are for the Slink MID feet, and they match their brand new jewelry set of the same name, and would be absolutely fabulous to complete your collection! I’m wearing them above on the right in Gold/Cranberry, and on the left in Silver/Gunmetal (my fave!)

We have LVLE up next, and this is their very first round of 21 Shoe! Their exclusive products for this round are 2 colours of their cat bow heels, which the owner says are her favourite shoes that she’s made so far. I absolutely love these and can definitely see why the owner thinks so highly of them!

and next on the list is Sax Shepherd designs! They have 2 different pairs of shoes for this round, button mule heels in Houndstooth for the Slink MID foot, and Saddle jane flats, which are also in Houndstooth, for the Slink flat foot AND system feet! While the shoes themselves are not exclusive to this event, they will never be sold again in this particular colour/pattern! Sax Shepherd designs are also offering 2 add-on items to these shoes in their store for this event: a Lovely waist cincher, and bow mules in the same Houndstooth design. These are on special offer for one day only, and will go up to full price after!

and finally, SYS has 2 pairs of heels out that work with not only Slink high feet, but also the Belleza body’s high feet! These heels come in 2 fun colour combos: Black/red (Left) and Gold/straw (Right)

Style Card:

Skin: Lumae – Nima – Bare
Nails: Alaskametro – Metallic nails – Neutrals/Silver
Feet: Slink – Avatar Enhance feet – High/Mid/Flat

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