So, have you ever wondered what all of those strange, new-fangled acronyms that all of the kids are tossing around mean, I have a handy little guide for you:
YOLO = Youth obeying Lucifer’s orders
SWAG = Satans wishes are granted
ROFL = Rise our father Lucifer
BRB = Beelzebub rules below
WTF = worship the fallen
LOL = Lucifer our lord

Okay so, I’m obviously joking about the meanings of these, and you can find the source for them all over the internet, but wouldn’t it be fun if all of these acronyms had meanings that were a little more… interesting… than they actually are? 

Kitten Spunk was thinking on the same wavelength and made a gacha of sweatshirts bearing these fun acronyms! I snagged a couple, including YOLO (one of the RARES!) and SWAG. I can’t stand either of those sayings in their everyday form, but I looooove the alternate meanings, and these fun comfy sweaters are to die for; they’re hilarious, silly, and definitely a conversation starter!

Ploom‘s newest release, Siri, (which jumped right up into my top 5 favourite hairs) is a messy style that features a cute small single braid in front, and covers half of your face. This lovely tousled style is on SALE right now at the My attic event! You can snag Siri for just $L95 per colour pack (more than half off regular price!) for the duration of this event! After the event ends, if Siri makes it to Ploom’s main store, it will go right back up to normal price, so get it while it’s on sale!

Finally, PixyStix has released the full set of no makeup (nude) Hera skins at last! Previously PixyStix has given out versions of Hera as gifts (STILL AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!) as well as released the skin with various makeups, for various events, including Mystic realms, totally top shelf, cirque de seraphim, and more but it’s finally out in the main store with no makeup!! On top of this fabulous new release, Pixy has revamped all of her appliers, included Omega, and added TMP appliers!! I absolutely adore how this skin looks on my face, as well as the flawless skin and soft pink lips, and I know it’s going to look fabulous on you as well!

Style Card:

Skin: PixyStix – Hera – Nude – Cream
Freckles: cStar Limited – Body freckles (Included with YUNA skin)
Hair: Ploom – Siri – Candy/Ploomage! – Event item! – for My attic!
Ears: Mandala – Fantasy elf ears – short
Eyes: Song – Chibi eyes – Cold
Lashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies
Body/Hands: Slink – Physique body/Avatar enhancement hands – casual
Piercings: Cute Poison – Ova piercings
Headband: Remarkable Oblivion – Crown of thorns – Black/Head
Choker: Blah – My cute spiky choker – Black & Red
Shirt: Kitten Spunk – Acronym hoodie – YOLO – Gacha item – RARE!
Pants: Sakide – Denim worker pants – All/Black
Shoes: Razor – Supra kicks 

Poses: Presence – Azuri – No current store location, sorry!

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