Let’s see how far we’ve come…

So, today a friend of mine brought to my attention the “Monday blog meme” challenge that was posted this past Monday by none other than Miss Strawberry Singh herself. (Berry’s post with all of the info can be found [HERE], my friend’s post is [HERE]!) Even though Monday has come and gone, I wanted to take part in this, so I dug up the very first image I ever posted to flickr from waaaaaay back when I was the Penurious Huntress, not the Skyclad Fashionista, and put it next to a pic I took today, just for funsies.

Let's see how far we've come... _001


It’s amazing how far I’ve come as a photographer, a blogger, an avatar, and even as a person since then. I’ve been around in SL since 2005 and it has been absolutely amazing watching things grow, change, and evolve… system items turn to prim and then to sculpt and now to mesh.

 My sense of style is definitely similar to way back then, as is my blogging style; descriptive posts detailing what I’m wearing with full credits for everything, however, my photography skills and the quality of the items I choose to blog have come so far that it’s breathtaking… and my face has gained much much more realistic proportions… I’ve learned windlights, depth of field, lighting, posing… really I’ve made a complete overhaul! SL has come so very far, and so have I!

Style Card (Then):
Skin: Heartsick – Enchant – Reverie – Winter’s Kiss
Hair: Sirena – Cody – Reds pack
Lippie: M.O.C.K. Cosmetics – Agua Gloss Lip (Veronique III)

(That’s about all I can recall, I closed that blog ages ago)

Style Card (Now):
Skin: Glam affair – Sia – Europa – 04
Hair: Little bones – Wasted – Ink dipped – group gift!/$L100 to join
Eyes: Song – Chibi eyes
Ears: Mandala – Steking ears
Top: Danika – Hawt 4 Teacher schoolgirl shirt
Pasties: FnH – Ouchie Bandaids – No H8


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