Skin fair spotlight – YumYums / Adored Bodyshop

So, Skin fair comes to an end in a little less than one week, I’ve shown you guys a couple of things here and there, but now I want to devote a whole post each to the designers who were fantastic enough to provide review copies to those who asked!

I’m going to start this week off with YumYums, and Adored Bodyshop. Previously, I showed off YumYums skin fair skin in another post, however, that post disappeared from my blog, and I have yet to see it come back, so, to make up for that, they’ll be first!

Skin fair spotlight - YumYums / Adored Bodyshop_001

I can never say enough good things about YumYums skins, they are always gorgeous, smooth, youthful, and absolutely perfect for my shape. Hope, YumYums offering for the Skin Fair, follows along this trend and is simply stunning. I’m wearing the base skin in the photos above, with Dark freckles on the Left, and completely bare on the right. The full skin pack includes 2 packs of lippies, 6 blushes, dark/med/light freckle options, full body freckles, 3 suggested eyebrow shapers (I’m wearing #1), moles, a system lash hider, and a massive applier HUD that includes: Slink, Lolas, the Azzes, Maitreya, Loud mouth, nyam nyam, PXL, soul kissers, and baby bump

Skin fair spotlight - YumYums / Adored Bodyshop_002

The Hope skin pack also includes 2 lipstick packs chock full of lippies for any occasion. Be aware that these lippies aren’t your standard type, and will only work for this particular skin! (Note that I’ve switched to Loud Mouth‘s brand new Alli 3.0 mouth to show off the lippies) Pack 1 contains 7 soft, mostly sheer colours that feel more like lip balm or stain than lipstick. I absolutely love these for mixing, matching, and layering for different effects.

Skin fair spotlight - YumYums / Adored Bodyshop_003

Lipstick pack 2 includes 12 fun, opaque shades that run the spectrum from end to end. This pack contains more “unnatural” colours, and are great for when you want to spice things up a bit, or add a pop of colour!

Skin fair spotlight - YumYums / Adored Bodyshop_004

Finally, since we’re on the subject of lippies, Adored Bodyshop has out multiple products including a gift lippie in a great dark purple, and 2 different additional packs of lipsticks in brights and darks. I managed to snag the brights, which I’m wearing above, but I love these so much that I plan to go back and get the other pack as well! These lippies have great fun names like “Barbie Bitch”, “Gack”, and “Space invader” and are really bright, saturated colours, perfect for parties, or when you want to draw attention to your luscious lips!

 Skin: YumYums – Hope – Porcelain – Event item! – For the Skin Fair! ♥
Hair: Ploom – Megan – Blondes/Ploomage – Event item! – For My attic! ♥
Mouth: Loud Mouth – Alli 3.0
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh body
Headband: Remarkable Oblivion – Meowjesty – White


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