And now I’m back, out of the blue… [MANY PHOTOS, SORRYNOTSORRY]

Hey guys! I’ve been gone a while, I know… the TL;DR version of the mess is: dead wi-fi. You can guess how much fun it’s been for an SL junkie like me to be stuck with wi-fi that is so slow, I couldn’t take pictures or even teleport! Thanks to my absolutely incredible partner, I’ve got something that works like a charm (most of the time), and now I’m back, out of the blue…

Or, I suppose, in this case, out of the briny green! A friend of mine linked me these absolutely gorgeous mer-tails from Cynefin and I  just could not resist picking up the Holographics II pack to show you guys! These tails are bento-enabled, materials-enabled, and fitted to the Maitreya body. You may be able to fit it to something else, but I’d recommend trying the demo. While the pack does not come with a full mer-AO (as most tails do not), it DOES include some lower-half animations that make it compatible with almost all AOs, human, and mer alike, and a poser HUD  that lets you move the tail into different positions when posing!

Something not many people know about me: when I joined SL for the second time (this is my third avatar), after being inactive for many many years, I desperately longed to be a mermaid…So, I grabbed some tails, a mer-translator, a freebie AO, the works, and I would just spend hours and hours swimming on the mainland seas. This tail fulfills my every mermaid dream, and takes me back to those fond old times.

In case the sheer number of photos in this post don’t scream this fact: I absolutely ADORE this tail. Good luck getting me out of the water!

Style Card:

Skin: Lara Hurley – Yui – Milky
Hair: MINA – Roosje – Fatpack
Tail: CynefinHolographics II pack
Eyes: The Sugar Garden – Angel Eyes – Hazel
Nails: alaskametro – “OCCVLT” nail art appliers
Hair Clip: Luas – Sia – Blue

[Tail animations built in,
posed using the included poser HUD, body poses made by Kaylith Zeurra]

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