The spirit of spring!

So, spring is nearly upon us, and a lot of events are already feeling green and thinking of the season! I skipped up a few goodies from the Fantasy room, and from we ❤ RP, and put together a barely there outfit that made me feel like a spring faeire, or spirit.

The spirit of spring_001

Candy Cyanide’s Eva outfit is perfect for anyone who wants to get back to nature, and feel the warm spring breeze all over! This outfit comes in multiple colours, and is available at this month’s round of the Fantasy room!

The spirit of spring_002

Lumae seems to be seeing green with her beautiful release for we ❤ RP this month! The Fable skin in Envy is 1/2 off for the duration of the event, and the pack includes 6 skins (3 with eyeliner, 3 without) 4 cleavage options, 2 lash options on tattoo layers, a system lash hider, 2 shapes, 3 sets of Leevi ears (long, mid, short) that match the skin, and appliers for: Loud mouth, Nyam Nyam, TMP body and head, a plethora of boobies and booties in HUDS, omega appliers for regular bits, omegas for petites, and slink! Grab this while you can for 50% off, or you’ll be left green, but without envy 😉

While I was there, I also had to grab Ploom’s hair! The Bron hair is brand new and also 50% off for the event! It comes in all of her standard packs, as well as the ploomage pack. I’m wearing it above in the Monotone collection, but it’s gorgeous in any colour. This hair is absolutely fabulous, and I’ve found that it not only fits human avatars, but can also fit furries with a little head adjustment!

 Style Card:

Skin: Lumae – Fable – Envy/Eyeliner – Event item! for we ❤ RP!
Hair: Ploom – Bron – Monotone/Ploomage – Event item! for we ❤ RP!
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh body
Mouth: Loud mouth – Alli
Ears: Lumae – Leevi ears – Mid – Envy – Event item! for we ❤ RP!
Outfit: Candy Cyanide – Eva outfit – Green – Event item! – For The Fantasy Room!
Necklace: Una – Leaf armor – Gold – Event item! – For The Fantasy Room!


Introducing – The Skyclad Fashionista @ WordPress!

Hey all! Welcome to the brand new, and hopefully improved, Skyclad Fashionista @ WordPress! I previously had a blog that was hosted on the Blogger site, but I’ve decided to migrate all of my content from there to here, for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

This post is a “Sticky” and will remain at the top of my new blog for as long as we both shall live (lol), partially to welcome you wonderful readers, and partially to show off the stats of my old blog, as they currently stand. It was a great 2 years, but sometimes change is good.

Not quite a blogger goddess, but I’ll get there.

♥All of my love, The (One and Only) Skyclad Fashionista.

Happy birthday, wordpress blog, let’s do this thing.

Yes, Master! – part 2 – FURNITURE! [SORTA NSFW]

Continuing from my last post [HERE], Here are all of the home goodies that I picked up at FRESH, which has sadly just ended, however, MOST of these items are currently available in the main store locations of their respective creators!

(The lovely view my neighbors are being treated to right now)

Decor card:

Bookshelves, books, bookends: Lost Junction – Pertinent bookends / shelf – black – M/F
Clock: Plethora – It’s business time clock – Gold luxe
Plants: 22769 [Bauwerk] – Floor Vase
Bench: 22769 [Bauwerk] – Black Tied Leather Bench ADULT
Chairs: 22769 [Bauwerk] – Decadence Leather Chair ADULT
Lamp: 22769 [Bauwerk] -Little Glowing Friend
Bed: Frogstar – Capture me bed – Deviant (ADULT)
Nightstand/Ice: 22769 [Bauwerk] -Alligator Skin Nightstand / Black Bowl with Ice
Carpet: Lost Junction – Novelty rug – leashed

Dildo: 22769 [Bauwerk] – Dildo
Whip: 22769 [Bauwerk] -Leather Whip
Handcuffs: 22769 [Bauwerk] -Handcuffs
Buttplug: Lost Junction – “pet” plug
Tray with “accessories”: Plethora – Kink tray – for her

Yes, Master! – part 1 – FASHION [SLIGHTLY NSFW]

So, I’ve procrastinated a bit (actually I had too much RL stuff going on to have time to blog) and I managed to wait until the very last day to show off the absolutely fabulous things that I’ve picked up from ROMP’s new monthly event called FRESH. FRESH features some absolutely amazing designers presenting the absolute best in elegant kink. On top of this, my 5th rezday was recently, and to celebrate that occasion, my wonderful Master gifted me with the fatpack of the absolutely gorgeous Unmei set from Rosal! Am I a lucky little pet or what?

The lingere that I’ve combined with my beautiful new corset set is Alaskametro‘s new Yvette lingere and is currently available at Anybody! Yvette comes in 3 colours (charcoal, fawn, and ivory), and is just $L25 for the ENTIRE SET! Set includes all 3 colours, system layers, and appliers for Slink, the Omega System (Classic), Omega Advanced Materials, & #themeshproject installers!

In the background of my photos, you can see some of the gorgeous furniture currently available at FRESH, I’ll cover all of what you see, and a few more things, in the furniture half of this post!

My lovely skin is one of 3 Valentines day gifts from Glam Affair! If you’re in the group, you can pick this skin up, as well as 2 more in 2 different tones for free! If you’re not in the group, there’s a small joining fee of $L30, but for 3 skins, it’s absolutely worth every penny.

Style card:
Skin: Glam Affair – Sophie – Artic – Oh my valentine! – $L0/Group gift/$L30 to join
Hair: Ploom – Yuki – candy/ploomage – Event item! for the Creepy Kawaii fair! ♥
Eyes: Song – Chibi eyes
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh body
Lingerie: Alaskametro – Yvette – Charcoal – Event item! for anyBODY! ♥
Corset/boots/neck corset: Rosal – Unmei fatpack full set
Tail plug: Ama – Perky tail plug – Noir
PS: I’m trying out a new viewer for photos called “Black Dragon” which was formerly known as Niran’s viewer, the powerhouse viewer for high-end computers, and people who love photography and machinama. It’s not a terribly practical viewer for general use, but I’m fairly excited about trying out all of the pretty feature. Although, I’m not 100% happy with how my photos for this set came out. We’ll see if I stick with it in the future.

let’s get some cupcakes!

So, the much-advertised Cupcakes anonymous hunt has just started, and I could not be more excited! The group running this particular hunt have been advertising it for MONTHS, and I’ve been anxiously waiting with baited breath since day 1 for it to actually start. Now that it has, and I’ve gotten my fill, I’m glad that all good things come to those who wait! I’ve put together a fun outfit with some of the prizes I’ve picked up, but there are a ton to be found. All of the pics, hints, and SLURLS, can be found on the hunt blog —> [HERE]

 rawr! How sexy is this lingerie from Modanna? This set comes on system layers and includes appliers for Omega, Physique, themeshproject, lolas, luck inc, banned booty, ghetto booty, maitreya, and belleza! Something for everyone!

 Lumae‘s cupcakes skin really captures the essence of love with its lovely pink shadow and lippie. The skin comes in tones 3 and 5, and includes: 2 shapes, multiple eyebrow options, multiple cleavage options, freckle and no freckle options, and 2 different types of lashes on the tattoo layer!

 I absolutely adore these shoes from Lamp*Light! The corset lacing and bow is a perfect accent to these otherwise simple pumps and really sets them apart. These shoes are made for the Slink HIGH feet, and include a texture change HUD with 5 different texture options. Inside your gift box you will also find an adorable bow choker! (I’m not wearing it above)

 Katat0nik decided to play on everyone’s sweet tooth with their prize! The XOXO donuts on a stick look absolutely delicious, but they have 0 calories, and certainly won’t ruin your diet! (unless you’re cutting back on kawaii, but why would you do that?)

and finally, The Little Bat wants to encourage everyone’s heart to soar with their jewelry set! This set consists of a necklace and ring (shown in the pic with the Katat0nik donuts!) and includes a texture change HUD to switch the hearts to any of the 8 colours (Black, pink, red, yellow, green, aqua, blue, and purple)

Style Card:

Hunt items:
Skin: Lumae – Alaska – Tone 3/Latte – Cupcakes! – Hunt item – $L5
Jewelry: The Little Bat – Kawaii love jewelry set – Hunt item – $L5
Donuts: Katat0nik – XOXO donut on a stick – Hunt item – $L5
Lingerie: Modanna – CAH Valentine’s Hunt Lingerie w/Bow – Hunt item – $L5
Shoes: Lamp*Light – Icing heels – Hunt item – $L5

Non-hunt items:
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh body
Feet: Slink – Avatar enhancement HIGH feet

Hair: Ploom – Missy – reds/ploomage
Eyes: Song – Chibi eyes


So, have you ever wondered what all of those strange, new-fangled acronyms that all of the kids are tossing around mean, I have a handy little guide for you:
YOLO = Youth obeying Lucifer’s orders
SWAG = Satans wishes are granted
ROFL = Rise our father Lucifer
BRB = Beelzebub rules below
WTF = worship the fallen
LOL = Lucifer our lord

Okay so, I’m obviously joking about the meanings of these, and you can find the source for them all over the internet, but wouldn’t it be fun if all of these acronyms had meanings that were a little more… interesting… than they actually are? 

Kitten Spunk was thinking on the same wavelength and made a gacha of sweatshirts bearing these fun acronyms! I snagged a couple, including YOLO (one of the RARES!) and SWAG. I can’t stand either of those sayings in their everyday form, but I looooove the alternate meanings, and these fun comfy sweaters are to die for; they’re hilarious, silly, and definitely a conversation starter!

Ploom‘s newest release, Siri, (which jumped right up into my top 5 favourite hairs) is a messy style that features a cute small single braid in front, and covers half of your face. This lovely tousled style is on SALE right now at the My attic event! You can snag Siri for just $L95 per colour pack (more than half off regular price!) for the duration of this event! After the event ends, if Siri makes it to Ploom’s main store, it will go right back up to normal price, so get it while it’s on sale!

Finally, PixyStix has released the full set of no makeup (nude) Hera skins at last! Previously PixyStix has given out versions of Hera as gifts (STILL AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!) as well as released the skin with various makeups, for various events, including Mystic realms, totally top shelf, cirque de seraphim, and more but it’s finally out in the main store with no makeup!! On top of this fabulous new release, Pixy has revamped all of her appliers, included Omega, and added TMP appliers!! I absolutely adore how this skin looks on my face, as well as the flawless skin and soft pink lips, and I know it’s going to look fabulous on you as well!

Style Card:

Skin: PixyStix – Hera – Nude – Cream
Freckles: cStar Limited – Body freckles (Included with YUNA skin)
Hair: Ploom – Siri – Candy/Ploomage! – Event item! – for My attic!
Ears: Mandala – Fantasy elf ears – short
Eyes: Song – Chibi eyes – Cold
Lashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies
Body/Hands: Slink – Physique body/Avatar enhancement hands – casual
Piercings: Cute Poison – Ova piercings
Headband: Remarkable Oblivion – Crown of thorns – Black/Head
Choker: Blah – My cute spiky choker – Black & Red
Shirt: Kitten Spunk – Acronym hoodie – YOLO – Gacha item – RARE!
Pants: Sakide – Denim worker pants – All/Black
Shoes: Razor – Supra kicks 

Poses: Presence – Azuri – No current store location, sorry!

21 shoe is coming to your town!

So, it is almost time for my favourite day of the month, the 21st! Why is the 21st my favourite? The 21 Shoe event, of course!
Starting off is Bliensen + MaiTai with 2 fabulous pair of shoes – stilettos and flats! These are fitted for a wide range of feet. Included in the packs are rigged versions for TMP and Slink HIGH feet, and unrigged pairs sized for Maitreya, belleza, CMFF, and more!

Next, continuing in the vein of shoes made for the Slink HIGH feet, we have a new-to-me deisgner, David Heather with 2 colours of their scorpion-endowed Homard heels!

MV‘s Satrina heels are next on my absolutely-must-have list for this event. These sexy peep-toe lace-up-the-leg style heels come in 2 dark and exclusive colours;Blush, and Mocha

Finally you’ll definitely want to visit Sax Shepherd Designs on the 21st. SSD’s offering for this special event is a pair of absolutely stunning stiletto heels in 2 colours.These heels include a multi-face texture change HUD to switch the colours and jewels.  and after tomorrow they will go up to normal price. The texture HUD allows for so much customization that these shoes will go with oodles of outfits!

Style Card:

Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley – Ivory
Feet: Slink – Avatar enhancement feet – HIGH/FLAT
Leggings: NyDesign – Sensual laced outfit – Marketplace Cheapie/$L1!

Set: BehaviorBody – PhotoRoom – $L0/FREE!
Background accessory: Frogstar – Metal Kraken – Gold – Event item! for The Liaison Collaborative!